Alumni Association

The St. Jude Alumni Association wants to keep St. Jude graduates connected to their roots and maintain accurate records on graduates.  We are looking for graduates to represent their classes and verify their classmates’ names and contact information.  This data will only be shared with graduates whose names are listed on our roster. Alumni can use this information for class reunions or to renew old friendships. To view the latest alumni newsletter, please visit

The St. Jude Alumni Association holds one-hour meetings at the Rectory at 7 PM on the first Monday of February, May, August and November.  All alumni are more than welcome to attend.  We also have a booth at the Parish Festival on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend and have a table in the Gathering Area during the Christmas season.

We are in the process of updating email addresses in order to minimize postage costs. Missing phone numbers are also greatly appreciated.

All donations to the Alumni Association go directly to aid the students at St. Jude School & Preschool.


Cindy Kozma

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Here are some of the class pictures in our collection.  If you have others, please share them with us.

[Note: Left click on any picture to see what class it is.  From there, left click on the picture again to see it full size on your screen!]

1951 Class

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