Please click on the link below for a copy of St. Jude’s bylaws.

CYO bylaws_2018 

In 2015 a committee was formed to review and rewrite the bylaws governing the CYO program at St. Jude Church.  Our program is operated in accordance with the Diocese of Cleveland CYO Charter and Bylaws.  The current version of the Diocese of Cleveland CYO Charter and Bylaws can be found here .

Part of the new bylaws includes a process for nominating people for the following positions:   Facilities Director, Marketing Director, Communications Director, Finance Director, Director of Registration and Sports Commissioner (Boys’ or Girls’ Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, or Volleyball) in the St. Jude Church CYO Athletic Club.   To nominate yourself or another candidate, please download the CYO-Nomination-Form and follow the instructions for submission.

In compliance with the 2015 Charter and Bylaws, see the attached document concerning the St. Jude Sports Committee director selections.

CYO Director Selection