We are using the St. Jude SportsPilot website for registration. We ask that you sign your child up as soon as possible. Early registration helps us identify team breakdowns and plan for the volleyball jersey delivery. In addition, once registered, we are able to use SportsPilot email communications to address sport specific issues.

  • To access the St. Jude SportsPilot website please visit the St. Jude Parish website under the CYO and Sports Committee page the link is on the main CYO page (link below):
  • http://www.saintjudeparish.org/community-life/sports-committee/
  • Physical Forms (with Emergency Medical Form) as well as Code of Conduct Forms can also be found on the website link above. Those forms will be collected at the sessions listed below along with trying on jerseys to get them fitted correctly.


Practices – Will be set with the child’s coach and will start the beginning of August.  We will try to have some group practices before splitting into our individual teams.

Games – Games are held at various CYO designated locations and at various times throughout the late summer and fall. Schedules for volleyball games will be available in mid-August and your coach will give you a list of games that your child will attend.

**Coaches – We are always looking for coaches. If you are interested in coaching please see my contact information below. Also, when registering your child on SportsPilot you can also register yourself as a coach.**

If your child is interested in playing Volleyball for St.Jude and you have questions, please contact:

Eric Kasper – St. Jude CYO Volleyball Commissioner

Cell – 440-935-3331 (call or text)

Email –  Ejk1976@gmail.com