Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry is divided into two components;  the bereavement hospitality lunch and bereavement support.

Bereavement Hospitality Lunch

The bereavement hospitality team is called into service upon request of parishioners who have had deaths in their families.  The purpose is to provide consolation to the bereaved by providing a place and meal for families and friends after the funeral.  Hospitality members are needed to cook and/or serve the meal on the day of the funeral.

For further information download the Bereavement Hospitality Letter.

Fran Schuster

Bereavement Support

This ministry offers emotional, spiritual and practical support after the death of a loved one.  Volunteers send sympathy cards and contact the family to see how they are doing.  We coordinate with area parishes to provide prayer, support groups and presentations for those experiencing grief.

The Rectory