Helping Hands Food Pantry

The mission of St. Jude Helping Hands Food Pantry is to follow God’s command to serve the needs of the poor, and people in need.  “ We are here to serve others, and in doing so, serve the Lord Jesus Christ.”  We have almost 60 members dedicated to help us serve others.

Our food pantry is our primary endeavor.  Over 250 HOUSEHOLDS come to our food pantry every month seeking help to stretch  their food budget to feed their families.  Our clients are people from all walks of life, whether they be young or elderly, on social security, are without work due to downsizing or have lost their job due to other economic conditions, or face other circumstances.

St. Jude Church and school are very supportive of our efforts.  On the first and third Sunday of every month, parishioners bring canned goods and other food items to mass with them and drop them off in the collection barrels in the Gathering Area.  Our school  is also so very supportive of our food pantry.  We receive a very generous donation from the school every month.  We also receive donations  of canned goods from the sports teams, and cookies from the Girl Scouts.  We are thankful, and very much appreciate the continued support.

Helping Hands other projects include  FREE Produce Distributions (held in summertime in the St. Jude Church Pavilion), a program for “back to school” supplies, a Thanksgiving basket program to benefit the entire food pantry, blanket Sunday, and more.

We respond to the calls the church receives from people asking for help with utility disconnections and rent evictions.  In short, we give aid whenever and wherever we can.

To help accomplish our mission, we have fundraisers.  Some of our popular fundraisers are bake sales, card party/game night, and a yearly July garage sale. We receive donations from the poor boxes, and gratefully accept monetary donations.

We are members of Second Harvest Food Bank.  We have received grants from Second Harvest Food Bank, The Lorain County Community Action Agency, the Jake Nolan foundation, Wal Mart and more.

For more information, to volunteer your time or to make a donation, contact the Helping Hands office at 366-0118 or e mail