Baptism Class for New or First-Time Parents

Baptism is the Sacrament which welcomes all members into the Church!  Traditionally, in the Catholic Church, parents who wish to share their Faith with their children, present their infants for Baptism.

To assist new (or first-time) parents in raising their children in the Church, St. Jude offers a special “Baptism Class” in January, May and September.   (Families unable to attend here are invited to inquire about classes offered at other parishes in the area).

During the one-time session, background on the history and significance of the Sacrament of Baptism is provided, elements of the Rite are explained in-depth and a close look is given to the role of the Godparents.   Resources are provided for future reference and information about how to schedule a Baptism at St. Jude Church is also given.


Kristen Craig
440-366-5711 ext. 113