Altar Servers – Children

Altar server positions are open to children from fourth grade through twelfth. Training sessions are available in the fall.

St. Jude Servers’ Schedule:

Spring Altar Server Schedule 2020

Click Here to download a copy of our Altar Server Handbook.

A few reminders for our new servers:

1. Please be alert and aware- you are serving God!  Sit up, try not to “fidget” with things.

2. When carrying the candles…. KEEP THEM LEVEL!  Some of you are very small and may need to have  an experienced server show you this.
 3. The Cross may be heavy for new servers… if you carry it, keep it high and steady!
4. Be sure to wear the right shoes (no bright light up sneakers please), and pants- jeans are OK sometimes but try to wear dress pants or school pants most of the time.
5. No gum please.
6. Please be a little early… on weekends you have to put on robes, light candles, etc.  So be there 15 min. before Mass!  On the weekdays, it is the same- we just have a smaller Mass in the Church Chapel on M,T, W.
Thank you all for participating in this very important Liturgical Ministry.  You play a very important role at Mass, and the parish is grateful for your service.
If you are interested in joining this ministry or have questions:

Diana Kirkpatrick

(440) 323-5375