St. Jude Certificate Program

The St. Jude Certificate Program is a fundraiser for the parish using gift cards. You purchase gift cards at face value to pay for your everyday purchases instead of using cash, checks, and credit cards. St. Jude is able to purchase the gift cards at a reduced price which gives us an instant rebate!

St. Jude School families may also direct a portion of their rebates towards Tuition Credit. Purchases made throughout the school year help eliminate their April tuition payment or is put towards a down payment on the paid-in-full amount in July.

Our “best selling” gift cards are available for purchase in the Gathering Area of church the second weekend of the month. In addition, a greater variety of gift cards can be pre-ordered the first weekend of the month with pickup the following weekend. Click Here to download the current order form.

Gift cards may also be purchased during the week at the St. Jude Rectory from 9:00 a.m. – noon and from 1:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m.

You can get “gift cards” online if you are willing to pay by automatic deduction from your checking account – called PrestoPay. To order online, you just go to the website, create an account, and enter the St. Jude enrollment code 7A5739E6835L.  You then have access to the following benefits:

HUNDREDS of gift cards to choose from.  There are more retailers available than we could even print on an order form.  Going on vacation?  There are airlines, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores we don’t even have around here, but you may shop at somewhere else.  Do you have family out of town that goes to a particular restaurant or shops at a certain store we don’t have around here?  You may find a gift card for them!  You like to shop at but we don’t keep those in stock – Now you can order whichever retailers you want.

RELOADABLE Cards. As long as a gift card is purchased through our program and the retailer is on the list, you can reload any value you like on the card – AND ST. JUDE GETS THE CREDIT.  You won’t have to keep buying new cards, you just reload the card you have online and they are reloaded the next business day.

ScripNow – So, you’re on your way to Home Depot early Saturday morning (or you know you’re going Friday night) to purchase some paint and supplies.  You know you’re going to at least spend $100, but the Rectory is not open to purchase gift cards.  Now you can just go to and print out your own eCard which should be activated within 30 minutes.  New retailers are being added to this service weekly.

PrestoPay – You first need to register your bank account information with PrestoPay.  When you place the online order, choose the PrestoPay option to pay for it. There is a 15 cent fee to use PrestoPay – less than the cost of a postage stamp!

If you have a special large order for your business or organization, or just a small question, we can probably handle that. Just email Michelle at